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What type of Service do you require?

Service/Residential Cleaning
Teka Services use environmentally friendly cleaning equipment, materials and methods to perform a range of cleaning services. Our domestic cleaning service includes; general house cleaning, tidying & maintenance.

Our deeper cleaning services is suited to homes that need that extra time to bring the property to the highest of standard. Teka reserve the right to amend the cleaning price due to condition of the property – service or deeper clean- or as result of providing us incorrect property specification during a visit.

End of Tenancy
Teka’s end of tenancy cleaning includes cleaning products, materials and equipment*. When booking this service, customers agree to the terms and conditions that can be found at the checkout of the website. Please provide us with accurate information about condition/type of the property. We reserve the right to amend the cleaning price due to condition of the property, or as result of providing us incorrect property specification during a visit. It’s also essential to view the list of cleaning tasks which will be carried out on cleaning day.
*Please Note: Our Pre/End of Tenancy cleaning does not include carpets cleaning.

Commercial/Office Cleaning
TEKA Services provides regular office cleaning, contract cleaning and commercial cleaning services to a diverse range of businesses across Cambridgeshire. Our trained cleaning operatives have the experience & support to provide your business with an excellent and reliable cleaning service that you would expect from a leading professional.

At TEKA Services, we attempt to service every aspect of the industry including offices (large & small), schools & premises (to name few; motor groups, medical centre, surgery, apartments & gyms)

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Professional Floor Cleaning
Our professional floor cleaning is a deep clean on you carpets and laminate floors. Here we remove stains, dirt and allergens from you carpet or flooring to make sure that your carpets are fully cleaned and give them a longer lasting life span. This cleaning is perfect for you if you have stains or dirt residue stuck beneath the surface of the carpet or deep within the cracks of your laminate flooring.


What type of clean do you require?

Service Clean:

Living room, Dining room, Bedrooms, Hallway: All rooms will be cleaned. Woodwork, windows sills, light switches and picture frames. Carpets, rugs and floors will be vacuumed and/or washed accordingly. Furniture & electronic appliances will be dusted, wiped & polished.

Kitchen: Appliances, cabinets (exterior only), tables and chairs will be dusted, wiped & polished. Work surfaces and sinks will be cleaned and sanitized. exterior oven, extractor and hob will be wiped down (deep clean will be at an additional fee).

Bathroom/En-suites: Bath, shower, basin, and toilet will be cleaned and de-scaled. All tiles will be wiped & cleaned. Windows sills, picture frames, mirrors, light switches, blinds and skirting boards will be dusted. Floors will be vacuumed or cleaned.


Deep Disinfectant Cleaning

TEKA’s Cleaners can play an important role in keeping people in their buildings protected and are on the frontline in the battle against coronavirus (COVID-19) to keep staff, customers, and particularly the most vulnerable safe. Through deep or regular cleaning, we can help minimise the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). This type of cleaning is ideal for;
-waiting rooms
-hotel rooms
-student accommodation
-boarding schools


What we do best?
Our team will arrive with Personal protective equipment (PPE), which will include disposable gloves and an apron. Hands should be washed with soap and water for 20 seconds after all PPE has been removed.
If there is a known risk
If a risk assessment of the setting indicates that a higher level of the virus may be present (for example, where unwell individuals have slept such as a hotel room or boarding school dormitory) or there is visible contamination with body fluids, then the need for additional PPE to protect the cleaner’s eyes, mouth and nose might be necessary. The local Public Health England (PHE) Health Protection Team (HPT) can advise on this.


Cleaning and disinfection:
Public areas where a symptomatic individual has passed through and spent minimal time, such as corridors, but which are not visibly contaminated with body fluids can be cleaned thoroughly as normal.
All surfaces that the symptomatic person has come into contact with must be cleaned and disinfected, including: objects which are visibly contaminated with body fluids all potentially contaminated high-contact areas such as bathrooms, door handles, telephones, grab-rails in corridors and stairwells. Use disposable cloths or paper roll and disposable mop heads, to clean all hard surfaces, floors, chairs, door handles and sanitary fittings.


Our cleaning products*:

For floors & Surfaces – Actichlor Plus

Surfaces (Ready to Use) – Aniospray Quick

Surfaces (Ready to Use) – Anios Quick Wipes

Airborne Disinfection – Aseptanios

*TEKA can substitute these products at any time

How many bedrooms and bathrooms are there?

This includes a Living room and kitchen

Pricing is based off the square meter size taken from the uk's national survey, Living 17.09 square meters, Kitchen 13.44 square meters

Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information on property size ratios

(The price includes a living room and kitchen)

Will you be providing the cleaning products?

Our standard cleaning products may change time to time without notice. We attempt to purchase products that are environmentally friendly, re-usable, and recyclable and that do not damage the environment.

If you wish to use a specific product, please feel free to inform us in advance in additional services required.

Will you require professional floor cleaning?

(This is for deep cleaning. Mopping & hovering are included in a normal service clean. Please click the information box for more information.)

This is a more rigorous cleaning for you carpets and vinyl/laminate tiles compared to the normal carpet cleaning we already provide with our cleaning service

Select any additional services needed.

What date would you like the clean to take place?

At TEKA Services, we accept bookings with 24 hours notice. For anything urgent – e.g. same day service – please contact us by telephone and we will do our utmost to help!

Please choose a window of arrival?

Please choose a time and we will endeavour to attend the property within the allocated time frame. If you prefer a specific time, please add this to “any additional services required” box and we will contact you to confirm whether that time is possible.

How can we access the property?

Key collection will only be carried out within a 2 mile radius of the clean location.

If you choose to provide us with a key, we may require you to sign some paperwork.

If TEKA is required to pick the key up a small surcharge may apply.

How often would you require this service?

Any additional services required? (Will be estimated separately)

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